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Internet and On-Line Strategy

Today internet and mobiles have become an integral part of our life. A website is a virtual home of the Temple on the internet.  On-Line live Darshan, facility to book poojas, make donations and connect with the Temple are some of the conveniences a website can provide to the devotee community across the globe. TTMSTM can give end-to-end website solution, from domain name recommendation to search engine optimization.  In this fast paced life, taking Darshan is made easy and convenient by mobile apps. The young generation has taken to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and such social media platforms and a Temple’s presence on this is today a necessity. TTMSTM can provide a presence on the social media platform seamlessly interwoven with the website. All types of website certifications is a part of TTMSTM‘s On-Line strategy.

  • Domain names are vital for establishing proper identity of the Temple on the Internet as well generate confidence amongst foreigners and Non Resident Indians around the world. TTMSTM does proper domain name recommending, registering and managing of domain names.
  • Responsive websites are need of the day given the wide variety of devices and screen sizes in use today. TTMSTM does Designing, Hosting and maintaining responsive websites. TTMSTM’s Tier III data centers in Mumbai and Bangalore provide natural mirror locations and DM & recovery. Highest levels of security and uptime ensures websites are always available. The website can provide vital information like maps, travel and weather information, recommendations for suitable time to visit and answer devotees’ queries. Booking of Darshan and accommodation where applicable can greatly help devotees and make their visit comfortable and pleasant.
  • Web based  On-Line or counter based Pooja Booking software with payment gateway integration. Date and time slot selection, repeat frequency, Booking on special days is possible. The back office shows activity in real time and generates variety of end of the day reports that even help plan procurement, duty allocation and manpower management.
  • TTMSTM does all types of website Certifications like Verisign, ChildSafe, Copyscape etc…as may be required and desired by Temples.
  • Unless Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of websites is done professionally, all the effort put in to set up a website can go waste. Optimizing across search engines improves the chances of the Temple’s website being found using specific and generic keywords.
  • TTMSTM does social media integration by creating and managing the Facebook page, creating and managing the Twitter account as well as creating and managing the YouTube Channel. This effort allows the Temple to reach the “New Generation” which forms 35% population of this country.
  • On-Line Live Darshan or Darshan during festivals or events enables Temples to reach those who can not be physically present as well as reach new geographies across the globe.
  • Mobile application development (Apps) like On-Line Live Darshan, eHundi, eBooking of Poojas and even networking various components of Temple locations or functionalities.