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Fire, safety and security

Safety of Temple assets and devotees is of paramount importance. TTMSTM will conduct fire and electrical audits and make recommendations as well as do installation, repairs and maintenance of equipment and systems to prevent and fight fires. Many Temples are target of terror attacks and TTMSTM can conduct security audits and can make recommendations as well as do installation, repairs and maintenance of threat detection equipment and systems to prevent terror or hostage situations.

  • Periodic Fire and electrical audits, repairs and maintenance of existing firefighting equipment is essential part of the housekeeping activity of the Temple. Often taken for granted and therefore neglected this vital activity is done by TTMSTM through experts. Fire extinguishers are checked and refilled periodically.
  • Installation and maintenance of new firefighting equipment is undertaken wherever and whenever necessary. Only equipment certified by the Fire Department is used. Installation and maintenance is done by experts empaneled with the Fire Department.
  • Approvals of the Fire Department is taken at the frequency set by the Fire Department.
  • Threat detection equipment like baggage scanners, metal detector door frames and hand held metal detectors are supplied and maintained by experts, mostly retired personnel from the armed forces. Expertise is drawn from experts from countries around the world on siege and hostage situations.
  • Perimetric protection and intrusion detection systems provide protection is hostile weather conditions when manual patrolling is difficult or when visibility is low. Moderns systems defy foggy or dusty environment where the threat perception is the highest.
  • Software assisted CCTV Surveillance systems, HD Cameras, DVRs and storage devices are all an important and integral part of any surveillance system. The agent is assisted by software which does face detection and matching, tracks article abonnement situation, purposeless loitering or entering prohibited areas.
  • Training is necessary and a must for the Fire, safety and security set up of the Temple. The equipment is as good as only the persons behind it. ┬áManual of response is created for a variety of scenarios and is rehearsed in mock drills and practiced.

Devotee biometrics equipment to maintain devotee count serves two purposes, one that the Temple premises is fully sanitized after closing time and how many unique visits the Temple received on any particular day. While the former enhances the safety the later assists in developing a pattern for planning and creating disaster prevention and management procedures.