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Call Centers

TTMSTM can set up, power and manage Call Centers for Temples for effective communication with devotees. IVRS based or Live person chat, telephonic are various options. TTMSTM can assist in getting toll free numbers.

LCD Broadcasting System for Live Darshan in the Temple premises

It is not possible for each and every devotee to reach the sanctum but each and every one of them has to be given Darshan of the deity. TTMSTM  can deliver broadcasting solutions that can not only show Darshan on the LCD screens installed within the Temple premises but can also put scrolls, news, vertical ads etc… to announce Temple information and events. Video Max 3 like software running on a personal computer display up to three scrolls, two vertical panes, four logos and unlimited documentaries can be shown on the system. The documentaries can be played at pre-set times throughout the day.